Top 6 Upgrades You Can Make to Modernize Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Kitchens

Modernity is all about function and scaling things back to the essentials. These six upgrades you can make to modernize your kitchen cabinets are effective ways to update your kitchen without overhauling the whole space.

6 Upgrades You Can Make to Modernize Your Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet and Drawer Handles

Changing the handles on your cabinets will give them an exciting look with very minimal time and effort. Choosing styles that are simple and sleek, like metal or a single statement color, brings character to your kitchen. These kinds of personal touches add accents to the space and can be coordinated with appliances, faucets, and hardware, or cookware in the kitchen.

For an even sleeker, minimal look, you can have your kitchen cabinets’ doors and drawers refinished by ELCO’s professional craftsmen and request an under-the-edge pull opening without handles at all. This is a great way to integrate minimalism into a workspace that needs to be well-stocked.

Cabinet Door And Drawer Faces

The door and drawer faces on your kitchen cabinets are prime visual real-estate. In consultation with ELCO professional cabinet refinishers, you can choose a bold or simple color or stain that you think will set the tone you’re hoping to maintain in your kitchen.

Glass Doors

Changing out your solid cabinet doors for a glass-paned option adds depth to the kitchen, and in the spirit of modernism, transparency into your cabinets. The next best thing to having open shelving, glass doors add an interesting dimension by exposing the interiors of the cabinets. It also may satisfy any desire you have to redecorate the kitchen since you can now use your dishes, glasses, cookware, and stored food to enhance your mealtime aesthetic. The kitchen is, after all, a food-oriented room.


In the same strain as glass doors, making creative use of lighting in the kitchen can add a new, contemporary feel to it. Undercabinet lighting is a popular choice to give the kitchen a warm mood while providing practical lighting to countertops. A well-lit kitchen is important to help keep it clean and ready to be used throughout the day, but it’s also a space you want to be comfortable in while you work. Light that is easy on the eyes and puts you in a good mood makes your time spent cooking more enjoyable.


Adding tiles under your cabinets that contrast or complement the colors and style of the rest of the kitchen can give a dramatic and exciting new element to usually unused wall space. You can get creative with monochromatic tiles, alternating ones, or specialty designs that speak to your kitchen’s personality.

Sliding Elements

Modernity is also about ease, and adding a horizontal sliding element to your under-the-counter cabinets, effectively making them into large drawers, can make reaching for items and cookware a little less strenuous. This can also help with organization since you can more easily reach all spaces in the cabinet.

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