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Rhode Island is a beautiful place to live, and it is home to some classically gorgeous houses. Here at ELCO Painting, we are honored to maintain these investments through home painting, carpentry, and other services. If you are interested in our exterior painting service, you may have a hard time choosing an exterior paint color. Our professional painters are here today with a list of some of the most popular and timeless colors for your Rhode Island home. If any of them sound like they would work for your home, we would love to help transform your space.


Choosing colors can be completely overwhelming. The options are endless! You may be interested in a neutral color that you can accent. Or you might want to make a statement with a bright, bold choice. Whatever direction you decide to go in, you will receive a high quality paint job when you hire ELCO Painting. Here are some timeless color options we truly love:

White or Cream: These are classic neutrals. The lightness makes accent colors really stand out. Additionally, shades of white can make a small house appear bigger. We recommend Frost by Behr or Crisp Linen by Benjamin Moore.

Blue: You can do so much with blue paint color! When you choose a very light blue, it works like a neutral color. Darker blues can add an air of bold sophistication to your home. We recommend Washington Blue by Benjamin Moore or Cornflower Blue by Behr.

Green: Greens can combine with tans to add some rich earthiness to your home. If your home is in a particularly wooded area, your house will blend right in! We recommend Hummingbird Green by Behr or Grenada Green by Benjamin Moore.

Tan or Brown: These timeless shades look good in just about any home. You can go as dark or as light as you prefer, and they complement a variety of accent colors, from subtle to bold. We recommend Brown Velvet by Behr or Foxy Brown by Benjamin Moore.


Here at ELCO Painting, we spend a lot of time in Southern New England neighborhoods just like yours. We stay on top of the latest trends, and we are always willing to offer more suggestions if you are struggling to choose colors. No matter what colors you choose, we guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied with ELCO Painting’s professional service. Each of our painters maintains current certifications, so you know you will receive the same quality service from everyone at ELCO. We also take pride in our communication. You will be completely informed throughout the entire process. We are happy to answer questions, explain our process, and keep you updated.

If you are interested in any of the fine painting services we offer, we want to hear from you! Just contact our local painting contractors by filling out the online form or calling 401-295-2201 and we’ll get started on your project right away. It’s time to see the ELCO Painting difference!