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Cabinet Refinishing Services

Cabinet painting doesn’t have to be a hassle. ELCO Painting provides cabinet refinishing and painting services to give home and business owners outstanding finishes and more beautiful rooms.

From start to finish, ELCO contractors work efficiently and communicate effectively, while staying out of your way and minimizing interruptions.

Add curb appeal and resale value to your property, without the stress of DIY painting and maintenance. We coordinate and oversee painting projects, so they’re completed on time and on budget. Ready to get started? Call ELCO Painting for your painting quote today.

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Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet painting and refinishing is the perfect way to update your home or office interior. Whether updating kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, or other home storage, ELCO’s professional cabinet painting services include cabinet refinishing for stronger and more beautiful cabinets.

When to Refinish Cabinets

Cabinet replacement is only necessary if there’s been extreme damage or degradation to your cabinets through mold, warping, or significant water damage, since those are things that won’t be fixed with new coats of paint or finish. But those are not the most common reasons people hire cabinet painters. Most often, they want to repair and smooth over minor surface imperfections, apply new paint, and refinish or re-stain the cabinet surfaces. If those are your project goals, cabinet refinishing is a terrific way to achieve the look you want for your kitchen. Cabinet refinishing is ideal for:

Updating Existing Cabinets: Interior painting trends change often. If you find yourself not wanting to be in a room you once enjoyed, or if your cabinets are looking dated, you’d be amazed what a repaint or refinish can do to bring your home decor up to a higher standard. New paints can give a more modern, spacious look to any room with cabinets, and new finishes can restore the shiny, like-new look.

Replacing Cabinet Hardware: Cabinet hardware replacement doesn’t have to be a never-ending project of finding all the right fixtures and figuring out how to install them yourself. Hiring professional painters means you get their cabinet hardware replacement expertise. They can recommend hardware that matches the look you want, remove old hardware, and install all new hardware and fixtures in much less time than a DIY project.

Finishing Bare Wood Cabinets: Bare wood cabinets might be an economical choice when all new cabinets are needed, or when rooms have to be refurbished. But leaving them bare of finishes also leaves them vulnerable to damage. Finishing bare cabinets brings out their rich, natural color, strengthens them against wear and tear, and seals them from moisture intrusion. It’s what professional painters recommend to preserve the welcoming appearance of kitchens, bathrooms, and other home storage for years to come.

If your cabinet construction is still sound, and minor aesthetic fixes are all that’s required, you don’t need full cabinet replacement. While the idea of having whole new cabinets installed might be appealing, it’s also a major investment that can lead to tens of thousands of dollars spent, not to mention noisy construction, longer delays, and the general frustration of not being able to use your own space.

Cabinet repainting and refinishing allows for significant corrections and improvements without the stress, without the mess, and without going over budget. That’s because many problems can be fixed by removing aging, damaged paint and finishes, correcting surface imperfections.

The ELCO Difference: Get Cabinet Refinishing Done In Days

Hiring ELCO means you’re working with licensed professional painters and craftsmen who treat surfaces with care and respect. If you’re ready to upgrade the appearance of your cabinets, we refinish kitchen, bathroom, and storage cabinets for homeowners and offices throughout RI, CT, and Southern MA. We can remove doors and hardware, complete cabinet refinishing in-shop, and return your like-new cabinets in a matter of days, at a fraction of the cost of full scale kitchen remodeling.

In-shop finishing ensures that finishes are applied and dried properly. It’s also the way to ensure that cabinet surface prep and restoration is done with the right tools for your wood finish, according to the unique condition of your cabinet surfaces. With any project we complete, we treat your home or office with utmost care, covering surfaces before painting and cleaning up after projects are completed.

Your kitchen and bathroom cabinets can look like new without an expensive overhaul. Call ELCO Painting for your cabinet painting and refinishing estimate today!

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