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Catalyzed Urethanes

Catalyzed urethanes, glaze coating, epoxy flooring, application, and other industrial floor painting for factories, mills, and warehouses doesn’t have to be a hassle. ELCO Painting offers catalyzed urethane floor coating for warehouses, mills, and factories throughout RI, CT, and southern MA. We use industry-leading equipment and coating techniques to get your flooring smoother, cleaner, and seamlessly painted.

From start to finish, ELCO contractors work efficiently and communicate effectively, while staying out of your way and minimizing interruptions.

Add curb appeal, safety, and resale value to your property, and meet industry safety guidelines, without the stress of DIY painting or in-house maintenance. We coordinate and oversee any flooring, facility maintenance, and painting projects we complete on your site. Things will get done on time and on budget. Ready to get started? Call ELCO Painting for your industrial floor painting quote today.

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Industrial Floor Painting Services: Catalyzed Urethanes

Every industrial flooring customer has their own specific needs depending upon the floor’s end use and other desired outcomes. This is why the pros at ELCO offer up our expertise to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for when it comes to professional industrial floor painting services. Catalyzed urethanes can be an excellent choice for a variety of warehouse, commercial, and industrial spaces.


Catalyzed polyurethane coatings and paints are often considered one of the most reliable choices when it comes to top quality industrial floor finishes. They are extra tough, but remain flexible and boast a gorgeous shine and impressive longevity. The products are impressively resistant to impact, abrasion, scratches, corrosion, etc.

Admired for their durability and versatility, catalyzed urethane coatings are popular as general purpose maintenance coatings on industrial or commercial floors that are subject to serious wear and tear. Their flexibility allows for an enhanced level of resistance to abrasion that keeps them looking glossy even after contact with serious abrasives like concrete, glass, sand, etc. This flexibility also helps when tolerating large machinery usage and extreme foot traffic.

Catalyzed urethanes can also be utilized on floors that require specific chemical or physical resistance. The coatings can be resistant to various chemicals, making them a great choice for a lab setting. Veterinary labs particularly benefit from this coating as it can be remarkably soft on animal paws. This flooring also resists moisture and heat, which is handy for a variety of industries including the food and beverage industry. The smooth, seamless, glossy finish that these coatings provide has long encouraged their usage in showrooms as well.


Application of catalyzed urethanes requires proper skill, expertise, and product knowledge, in addition to top quality equipment. The professionals at ELCO Painting have the tools and qualifications needed to get your industrial floor painting jobs done in a professional and timely manner. We take advantage of all the innovative equipment and advanced tools available to us in order to deliver results that consistently exceed our client’s expectations. For thirty years and counting, we’ve always used the best products for all your industrial floor needs at the most affordable prices available. We want to ensure you get the best catalyzed urethane products available for your industrial space at the most competitive rate possible.

Adverse health effects can result from improper exposure to catalyzed urethane coatings, which is why you’ll want the pro painters at ELCO Painting to take on this job. It is important to use proper spray and safety equipment during the application process. Our pro painting contractors have the necessary personal protective equipment to get the job done without compromising health. We have the experience needed to address any health related safety issues and protective measures associated with catalyzed urethane finishes.

The always courteous, always professional painters at Elco Painting offer nothing but the best when it comes to floor services for your industrial space. We are always punctual, polite, and friendly. We respect your space and keep our work area tidy throughout the duration of our project. Our commercial painting contractors have been satisfying customers across Rhode Island and Southern New England for over three decades. Let us show you how! Contact our local painters today by filling out our online form, requesting an industrial painting services estimate, or giving us a call at 401-295-2201.

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