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Sandblasting or Glassblasting: Which is Best for Your Business?

Media blasting is the ultimate form of surface preparation in the coatings industry, but choosing which method is right for your business can be tricky. At ELCO Painting, we offer a full line of media blasting and we can help you pick the right form of abrasive blasting for your business. Below we’ve laid out key benefits and differences when it comes to sandblasting vs. glassblasting for your business.

How Sandblasting Benefits Your Business

Sandblasting is a highly efficient way to clean and/or sand hard surfaces via the use of high pressure air. Sandblasting services offer a similar effect to that of sanding, but provide a more thorough, even finish. This method can be used for smoothing and shaping as well as cleaning surfaces. Sandblasting works wonders to remove rust and imperfections in order to prepare substrates for various coatings. Sandblasting is also a great way to avoid hard, backbreaking labor on tough surfaces while achieving superior results.

How Glassblasting Benefits Your Business

Glassblasting applies glass beads to a variety of metal surfaces at low air pressure for the removal of dirt, rust, paint, and corrosion. This method creates a pleasant, bright matte texture and allows for tough cleaning without surface damages. One leading benefit of glassblasting is that it provides a more smooth and uniform finish than angular abrasive alternatives. The size of the glass beads used during the glassblasting process will affect the finish – i.e. the smaller the bead, the smoother the finish. Glass blasting will thoroughly clean and smooth away surface defects without leaving any residue or contaminates behind, and often improves corrosion resistance.

Which Form of Abrasive Blasting Is Best For You?

When choosing which form of abrasive blasting is best for your business, consider the following. Glassblasting is a gentler, slower process that will strip your surfaces without causing damage, it just takes more time. Sandblasting is a faster process that will be less time consuming for your business but is more harsh on your surfaces. Sandblasting is very efficient and effective, but it is more heavily regulated than glassblasting. If you are looking to shape and smooth your surfaces, or if you’re taking on a major project that requires heavy duty blasting services, sandblasting is the right choice for your business. If you want to be sure that your surface is not at all compromised, a gentler glassblasting method is best.

ELCO Painting Offers Glassblasting and Sandblasting Services That Work For You

Whether glassblasting or sandblasting is right for you, the commercial painting contractors at ELCO Painting have you covered. When you choose ELCO Painting, you can rest assured that you will get top-notch, professional, careful, and efficient work from start to finish. Our years of experience and expertise ensure that the entire process will be pleasant and stress-free. 

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