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Railing Restoration: Rhode Island and Southeastern MA Carpentry

Railings primarily serve a functional purpose, but they also contribute to the overall look of a room, porch, or staircase. As such, maintaining your railings is both a matter of safety and aesthetics. And because they are used so often, railings tend to take a beating over time. Railing restoration is just one of many services included in ELCO Painting’s carpentry repair offerings. Here’s what we can do for our clients in Rhode Island and Southeastern, MA.

Interior Railing Restoration

Interior railing restoration involves a combination of carpentry, repair work, and interior painting. Ensuring safety and structural integrity are the most important parts of this job. Our team will begin a railing restoration project by examining all signs of damage. If the damage is severe and structural (i.e. if any of the spindles are loose or broken), this must be addressed before anything else. We may need to craft new pieces of wood to replace old, worn down pieces, and then install them properly to restore the railing’s integrity.

Once the railing is secure once more, it’s time to address any superficial damage, such as marks, scratches, chipped wood, loose paint, etc. Using sanding tools, we can remove old paint and smooth down the surface so it’s ready to be primed and painted or stained. If the railing was previously stained, we can use a stain stripping gel to remove the old coat. Then, it’s up to our interior painters to complete the railing restoration by applying paint or stain to the railing. These interior paint coats won’t just enhance the railing’s beauty, they’ll also keep it well-protected against damage in the future.

Exterior Railing Restoration

Restoring exterior railings, like those on porches, is nearly the same process as restoring interior railings. However, railings that exist outside the home are at risk of environmental damage from rain, wind, sunlight, pests, and more. It may take more effort to restore these railings and keep them protected. For instance, if sections of an exterior railing are rotting from excessive moisture and mold, the affected areas will need to be removed and replaced. The whole railing may need to be replaced if it’s decaying all over.

As with interior railing restoration, our contractors will inspect the exterior railing for structural damage to determine what needs repair, replacement, or merely superficial treatment. When it’s time to paint or stain the railing, we follow the same guidelines for all exterior home painting projects, meaning we’ll check the forecast ahead of time to avoid harsh conditions that might affect or prolong our work. To protect the railing against moisture, UV rays, and other forms of damage, we only use the highest quality stain and paint products.

At ELCO Painting, commercial and home painting services only describe a fraction of what we do for our clients in Rhode Island and Southeastern MA. Whether your railing is inside or outside, we handle every aspect of railing restoration, from repair to refinishing. To learn more about us and to get a free estimate, give us a call at 401-295-2201!