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Property Management: 4 Painting Projects to Plan for Your Apartment Complex

In light of the global pandemic, one of the biggest questions at the forefront of conversation is in regards to rental properties. With startling numbers of Americans out of work, many tenants are finding it near impossible to pay rent. 

The burden of these issues can leave many property managers frustrated and confused as to how they are going to continue growing their businesses.

While many property managers are putting projects on hold to focus on immediate care for tenants and cutting costs where possible, there will come a time when we all return to a new normal and can refocus on developing your properties. 

Even if you can’t invest in new projects right now, preparing for when you will be able to is crucial to ensure the continued growth of your business. 

Let’s discuss four painting projects to plan for your apartment complex. 

Interior Painting: Residential Units

With more and more individuals transitioning into remote work, young people moving back in with parents, and many Americans relocating out of necessity, you may notice much higher traffic in and out of your units than in previous years. 

With people moving in and out at higher rates, it is important that you make interior painting services for your residential units a priority. This is generally routine for most apartment complexes and it is a service that certainly should not be foregone in light of the pandemic. 

Interior Painting: Halls and Lobbies

While individual units certainly take a toll through the frequent movement of tenants, hallways and lobbies are just as likely to be in need of some sprucin up.

Unfortunately, the corners and walls of your hallways may endure more scuffs and scrapes due to heavy foot traffic and movement of dollies and boxes. While this may not be as urgent of a need as individual units, this project should certainly rank high on your list for the future. 

Exterior Painting Services: Facades and Siding

Especially if you are trying to entice new tenants during this period of high turnover, it may be worth prioritizing exterior painting services, particularly in regards to your facades and siding. 

When prospective tenants are looking for a new place to live, curb appeal is crucial to gaining their attention and helping your property stand out. Whether it is a thorough cleaning of brick facade, or a fresh coat of paint on siding, tending to your building’s exterior shows potential residents that your building operates with excellence and professionalism. 

Exterior Painting Services: Facilities 

Another symptom of more Americans working from home is the need to find entertainment in their own backyards, so to speak. 

While many apartments have shut down facilities like gyms, you may want to refocus some of your efforts on the amenities you offer such as common rooms or pools. 

It is likely that adding the necessary signage for social distancing has already been accomplished, but if it hasn’t, be sure to prioritize safety, then aesthetic improvements. 

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