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Porch Ceiling Repair: Rhode Island and Southeastern MA Carpentry

The terms “porch” and deck” often get used interchangeably, but they’re not quite the same. Broadly speaking, decks are out in the open while porches are enclosed, either partially or completely. So, porch maintenance is a bit more involved than deck maintenance. Not only must you inspect floors, railings, and the underlying structure, but also the walls and ceiling. Plus, there’s more work to do for residential painting services as there are more surfaces to cover.

Unlike many other exterior painting companies, ELCO Painting can do much more than just paint your home or business. At ELCO Painting, our carpentry repair services cover a wide range of interior and exterior features, including porch ceilings. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner in Rhode Island or Southeastern MA, our team can repair, strengthen, and enhance the look of your porch.

What Causes Damage to Porch Ceilings?

No matter what room we’re in, we don’t tend to look up unless we have a reason for doing so. We might notice a dirty or damaged floor or scraped wall, but ceilings can go ignored for many years. Sure, ceilings don’t get stepped on like floors or grazed by hands and objects like walls, but they can still deteriorate over time. This is especially the case for porch ceilings.

Even if a porch is fully enclosed, porches lack the insulation and protection of a home’s interior rooms. As such, porches must endure moisture, changes in temperature, pests, and other environmental factors. When temperatures increase, moisture rises up and clings to the ceiling. Wood porch ceilings may begin to warp and rot as a result. Termites and other tiny pests can find food and shelter on a porch ceiling, too.

In addition to the damage done by these external forces, porch ceilings can also get damaged from above. If a porch is directly below another room, pressure from the floor above can slowly loosen and damage the porch ceiling. Moisture can also enter the porch ceiling from above if said floor isn’t properly sealed. Addressing these issues often requires more than just exterior home painting.

How ELCO Painting Repairs Porch Ceilings

The first step of repairing a porch ceiling is addressing the root of the problem. ELCO Painting contractors will carefully inspect the damage and try to determine what force or forces may have caused it. This way, we can find ways to protect your ceiling from future harm. Depending on the cause, type, and severity of damage to your porch ceiling, we may repair damaged wood panels or replace them if they’re beyond repair.

Going Beyond the Repair

Carpentry repair is just one of many services offered at ELCO Painting. As our name suggests, we’re also a commercial and home painting company. This means that we’re equipped to go above and beyond repair work to truly transform your porch. After we fix your porch ceiling, we can discuss paint and stain options to further protect your ceiling and update the look of your porch. With ELCO Painting, you don’t need to hire a separate exterior painting contractor and carpentry repair contractor. Let us handle the entire job from start to finish. To learn more about us and to get a free estimate, give us a call at 401-295-2201!