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Office Painting: Check These 5 Areas for Wear and Tear

A successful business relies on productive people. And people are more productive when they’re working in a clean, bright environment. Interior paint plays a major role in cultivating this dynamic atmosphere. While old, fading, peeling, chipping paint looks bad in its own right, it also brings down everyone’s mood. Areas of an office that are most susceptible to wear and tear will require the most attention. These will be the first places to receive a new coat of paint. Here are five parts of your office to check regularly.

  1. Customer/Client Areas

Your employees aren’t necessarily the only people inside your office at any given time. If your office welcomes customers, clients, and associates, you want to leave a great impression. Therefore, any part of your office that may be seen by an outsider should receive special attention. Plus, these public areas may receive more foot traffic than other parts of your office, and more activity means more wear and tear.

  1. Middle of Walls

It may seem oddly specific, but walls are commonly scuffed and marked up by furniture. In an office, this mostly refers to chairs. When people push back their chairs after a meeting or lunch break, they may go too far and knick the wall behind them. You might install rail guards on your walls to prevent this. But if you’re not a fan of how rail guards look, you may need to touch up the middle parts of your walls every now and then.

  1. Bathrooms

Of all the areas in your office, your bathrooms might receive the most activity. On top of that, bathrooms are also exposed to a lot of moisture, which can cause your paint to peel, chip, and bubble. Neglecting your bathroom’s paint job for too long can also encourage the growth of mold and bacteria. Hiring interior painters to give your bathrooms a new coat of paint is more than just an aesthetic measure; it promotes office health and safety, too.

  1. Stairwells

Stairwells are another high-traffic area that might get overlooked. People don’t often hang around the staircase, after all; they use the stairs to get from one place to another. This combination of high-use and low attention can lead to loads of wear and tear before anything gets done about it. When using the stairs, it’s important that employees and customers can clearly see where they’re going. A faded, worn down paint job can reduce this visibility and increase the likelihood of tripping or falling. Hiring commercial painting contractors for your stairwells is hugely important for the safety of everyone in your office.

  1. Ignored Spaces

While commonly-used areas might undergo the most wear and tear, areas that receive little if any foot traffic also require attention from commercial painting services. Storage closets, basements, and other low-use rooms can quickly collect dust and become prime locations for bacteria and pests. If you want to maintain a clean and sanitary office overall, it’s worth investing in new coats of paint for these ignored spaces, too. Sure, few people may see these places, but fresh paint will help keep them viable and safe.

Productive, active offices will naturally take some hits over time. Hiring professional painting services to touch up and repaint worn down surfaces is a crucial way to keep the energy up. ELCO Painting is here to help brighten up your business while also making it safer for everyone. We can handle all of your interior and exterior painting needs. To learn more about us, and to get a free estimate, give us a call at 401-295-2201!