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Industrial Painting: Industrial Sandblasting

Hire Industrial Sandblasters for Your Industrial Space

Modern looking bar

As a savvy business owner, you know that appearances truly do matter. As much as we’d like to say that we don’t judge a book by its cover, your business’ aesthetic appearance plays a crucial role in the success of your business. Particularly in the Instagram age, the visual element of your business has become nearly as important as the success of your daily operations.

When it comes to commercial counters and bar tops, there are a number of factors at play. On one hand, you want a surface that can handle the daily wear and tear of your business’ daily operations, but on the other hand, you also want a beautiful surface to lend to the aesthetic appeal of your business’ interior. When it comes to choosing the right bar tops, you may feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. Marble counters are gorgeous and resistant to damage, but marble can be incredibly expensive, especially in large quantities. Laminate counters are likely to be the most cost effective option, but they don’t hold up against excessive wear and often appear cheap. Wood countertops may seem like a happy medium, offering a sweet spot between cost and visual appeal, but wood counters are also vulnerable to damage if not sealed properly. At this point, you may feel out of luck, but there is another option! The same way you protect your commercial and industrial floors can be used to extend the life of your bar tops. Here’s what you need to know about bar top epoxy services from ELCO Painting. 

Epoxy Services

The experienced professionals at ELCO Inc. are proud to offer a variety of different services to meet your business or project’s unique needs. Epoxy services from ELCO Painting involve adding a hard wearing durable surface to your bar tops, perfect for withstanding the daily wear and tear of your business. Often used as a layer of protection to floors in manufacturing buildings and garages, an epoxy countertop is prepared to weather any storm. If you’re considering epoxy flooring, request a free estimate today to get a jump start on these vital services for your business.  

The ELCO Difference

Using the services of a company like ELCO Inc. means that you’re getting more than just external home painting or cabinet refurbishing. Our technicians focus on more than just cashing a paycheck and approach every job with integrity and commitment to quality. As our numerous satisfied customers can attest, each of our technicians is highly skilled and committed to completing each job with excellence. From start to finish (and even repairs thereafter), our primary goal is serving the needs of our customers and helping each client fulfill their design dreams. Our professional quality is a cut above the rest– not only due to our history of high-caliber interior and exterior painting services, but also because of our dedication to thorough communication and convenience for our clients. The expert professionals at ELCO Painting handle more than just interior home painting and cabinetry repair. Whether your next renovation project requires industrial sandblasting, refinishing your external home painting, or you need a home painting service cost estimate, ELCO Painting is the perfect choice for painting companies in RI and Southeastern Massachusetts. 


Let our experienced carpentry professionals meet your home or office’s unique needs and help bring your design dreams to life. Give us a call at 401-295-2201 or contact us online today to see how the ELCO Painting difference can work for you.