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Industrial Painting: A Checklist for Your Business

Your industrial space is a critical component to the overall success of your business. When looking for industrial painting services, make sure you choose the right contractors to suit the needs of your business.

To help you in this process, we’ve compiled a checklist of things to expect from quality industrial painters.

Industrial Painting Checklist

  • Industrial painting projects take skill and know-how. Make sure you choose painting contractors who employ highly experienced pro painters that are continually trained regarding the ins and outs of industrial painting.
  • Make sure your industrial painter not only knows how to do their job, but also has an understanding of how businesses run and operate. They should understand that downtime can hurt your business’s bottom line and should thus ensure your project is quickly completed, while never compromising quality and always looking for ways to avoid taking time away from your working hours.
  • Quality painters know that a successful paint job depends on surface prep. Poorly prepped painting projects are, across the board, fundamentally flawed and bound to cause problems. Make sure your industrial painters know that surface preparation is a critical first step to ensuring that your business receives a quality, long lasting paint and coatings job. They should provide state-of-the-art surface preparation for your business’s industrial painting project.
  • Top quality products are the key to a long lasting and aesthetically pleasing paint job. Make sure your industrial painters use the latest technology and highest performing products to get the job done right.
  • When it comes to industrial painting projects for you business, safety is paramount. Make sure your painting contractors have any necessary insurance and take the right precautions to keep the worksite safe, ensuring that your project is safely completed.

ELCO Painting Offers Top Notch Industrial Painting Services

At ELCO Painting, we can give your industrial space a brand new paint job from top to bottom, inside or outside. Thanks to our robust equipment inventory, expertly trained team, and intensive industry knowledge, we are able to consistently provide the highest quality industrial painting services at the most cost-effective prices. Our unparalleled attention to detail significantly improves the aesthetic and longevity of your industrial facility while still saving you the headache of dealing with improperly painted or maintained surfaces. Our dedicated team of pro painting contractors take advantage of the innovative products and advanced tools available to us in order to deliver results that consistently exceed our client’s expectations.

The always courteous, always professional painters at ELCO Painting offer nothing but the best when it comes to surface preparation for your industrial facility. Our painting services are highly praised by our clients. In fact, the majority of our business comes from repeat customers and word of mouth. Our goal is to always cater to your unique industrial painting needs to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from our painting services. Our commercial painting contractors have been satisfying customers across Rhode Island and Southern New England for over three decades.

Our industrial painting services include painting factories, mills and warehouses, tanks and pipes, facilities management, sandblasting, steel/corrosion protection, caulking, applying elastomeric or metal roof coatings, epoxy floors, and more! Contact our local painters today by filling out our online form, requesting an industrial painting services estimate, or giving us a call at 401-295-2201.


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