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How to Prevent Cabinet Paint Damage

In the age of Instagram and Pinterest, the pressure is greater than ever to have a home that is always ready for photo-ops. 

Whether it’s in preparation for your next brunch gathering or your latest Instagram post, nothing lessens the aesthetic quality of your kitchen more than chipped and damaged cabinets. 

Interior home painting services can always help to clean up cabinet edges and smooth down rough surfaces, but the best way to protect your investments and keep your cabinets looking great is to take a proactive approach. 

Check out these tips and tricks from ELCO Painting for the best way to prevent cabinet paint damage before it happens. Here’s what you need to know. 

How to Prevent Cabinet Paint Damage

High Quality Paint

Especially if you’re facilitating a full kitchen renovation, it can be tempting to cut corners and opt for a low-cost paint job. 

While it may seem inconsequential to save money on paint quality, this is a sure-fire way to ensure that you’ll need cabinet refinishing services again soon. 

Low quality paint has a much greater likelihood to chip, fade, and crack due to everyday wear and tear. Ultimately, this cost-saving measure results in shabby cabinets and more overall money spent on maintenance and repairs. 

The best way to circumvent this issue is by hiring high quality paint services from the beginning. A skilled painting professional will be able to best devise the highest quality paint and the lowest cost to best fit your space and design aesthetic.  

Strategic Design

A house full of natural light is every homeowner’s dream, but it can also spell disaster for your cabinets’ paint. 

Sun damage can speed up the process of fading in your cabinets and lead to a kitchen that looks lifeless and dull. That being said, preventing sun damage takes a lot more than just selecting paint. 

For the homeowner who is truly concerned about protecting their cabinets against sun damage, strategic design is key. When designing or renovating your kitchen, be sure to discuss your concerns about sun damage with your contractors and carpenters. 

It takes a skilled professional to design a kitchen in such a way that it takes advantage of natural light without putting your cabinets at risk for significant sun damage. 

If you’re far past the design stage and choosing the location of your cabinets isn’t an option, your interior painting professional should help you to select the best paint to endure sun damage and delay fading and other sun-related damage. 

Ventilation/ Water Protection  

Another great enemy of your cabinets and their paint is water damage. Whether it’s from water splashed out of a sink, a leaking dishwasher, or steam from a kettle, water is a frequent contributor to the degradation of your cabinets. 

To prevent water damage to your cabinets, it is important that your kitchen or bathroom is properly ventilated. Steam that collects from a shower can slowly eat away at the finish on your cabinets, resulting in significant paint damage. Installing fans and windows that allow moisture to escape is crucial for protecting your cabinets.

In kitchens, dishwashers are most often placed directly in line with lower cabinets. Because of this, these cabinets are at significant risk for suffering water damage. 

Your carpentry professional should help you properly seal your dishwasher to ensure that your cabinets are protected from damage caused by trapped steam and moisture. 

Trust the ELCO Difference

When you choose to hire interior painting services, it is vital that you hire the right company to complete your next project and protect your assets for the long haul. 

The experienced professionals at ELCO Painting operate directly out of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, so they are uniquely qualified to serve the needs of those directly in their community.  

Whether your next home renovation project is cabinet refinishing or you need a home painting service cost estimate, ELCO Painting is the perfect choice for painting companies in RI and Southeastern Massachusetts. Let our experienced carpentry professionals meet your home’s unique needs and help bring your design dreams to life. 

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