How to Get Your Kitchen Cabinets Ready for the High Traffic of the Holidays

Preparing for the Holidays

In the excitement and commotion of the holiday season, you’ll want to be secure in your kitchen’s ability to handle the extra activity. There are several things you can do to get your kitchen cabinets ready for your hosting, preparation, and storage requirements.

Ways to Get Your Kitchen Cabinets Ready for the Holidays

Clean Out the Cabinets

A clean and clear space will help you do your best work in the kitchen. Take everything out, wipe down the surfaces, and make sure you don’t have any old or unnecessary items that you should have already gotten rid of. When unused items build up, they take up valuable storage space and get in the way of access to the items you do need.

Organize and Rearrange

Cleaning the cabinets is a great opportunity to organize and rearrange your cabinet contents. Knowing your own movement habits in the kitchen, think about how you can optimize the storage areas for accessibility and grouping. Put similar things together for easy access, and designate shelves for certain items.

Keep a Running List of Needs

When you keep on top of what you need for upcoming meals and desserts, you can integrate those items into your organization system rather than stashing things away where they fit in the rush of your hosting duties. Having what you need also helps avoid buildup of random products, keeping the cabinets organized and clean longer.

Childproof the Cabinet Doors and Drawers

If you don’t already have childproofing measures on your cabinets, it is a good idea to put them on for the holidays if you’ll be having children of family and friends at your home. With lots of people in the house at once, kids can find their way to the kitchen.

Wax Your Cabinets

Using a wood furniture wax can protect your cabinet doors from marks and scuffs from high-volume food preparation between mid-November to the beginning of January. It will also give them a clean looking reflection, while resisting dust and particle buildup.

Have Your Cabinets Refinished in Early Fall

If you want your cabinets to be freshly refinished before the holidays, schedule a professional service to take care of them in early fall, at least a month or two before the holidays. This will give you plenty of time to have them updated and resettle everything before your hosting duties take off.

Have Them Refinished After the Holidays

If you think it will be difficult to avoid wear from your high-traffic holiday kitchen use, you can consider getting your cabinets finished after the holidays rather than before. Since cabinets only get redone every several years, high-quality cabinet refinishing will still look good after a year of normal, low-traffic kitchen use. Another advantage to waiting until after the holidays is that professional home renovation services have more flexible scheduling availability in winter since more painting and repair work is done in the warmer months.

Having Your Cabinets Refinished in Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts

If you’re thinking about how your cabinets might hold up this holiday season, contact us for a consultation! Homeowners in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts have trusted our professional painting service and cabinet refinishing since 1980!

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