How Do You Know if You've Properly Prepared Your Home's Interior for Painting?

Hiring Professional Painting Services

Whether you’ve recently bought a house, or you think a room in your home needs a new coat of paint, you have the option to do it yourself or to hire a painting service. With professional painters, knowledgeable experience results in high quality coverage of your home’s interior.

When you contract with an interior painting service, there are some things you can do to prepare for their arrival. Preparation can make the difference between a smooth project and one that takes longer than expected.

Talking to the Contractor

The first step in preparing for professional painting services is to talk with the company. Being ready with room measurements and your expectations for the project, like the desired home paint colors and noting any potential surface treatments or repairs that may need to be done, helps keep the conversation grounded and productive.

Professionals appreciate it when the client comes ready with questions. Asking the contractor what you can do to prepare your home for their arrival is one way to be sure you cover all the bases, but some steps will be the same for any room’s repainting.

Clearing the Room

Painters will be focusing on their job, so clearing the room and walls to make them accessible is an important contribution that homeowners can make to the professional painting job. Take down all wall hangings and move furniture away from the walls, to the center of the room or another room altogether. If you can’t move furniture out of the room, be sure to cover it. The more space the painters have to move and work, the more efficient the job will be.

Other objects to make sure are cleared from the space include electronics, appliances, rugs, window treatments, breakable objects, and plants. Moving your own items will give you more comfort, knowing they won’t be exposed to paint and tools, and the professional painters will appreciate your consideration of their process.

When the walls are clear, and the furniture has been moved, look for specific damaged spots that might need repair or another kind of preparation to walls or trim that you may have missed when the furniture and hangings were in place.

For movement during the project, think about how the painters will be best able to get in and out of the room and house. Make sure the pathway is clear for unobstructed work.

Cleaning the Room

Taking the time to dust, vacuum, and wash the walls is a helpful way to support the painting project. When professional home painters arrive at a clear, clean area, it allows them more time to focus on the prepping and painting.

Plan to Be Out of the Rooms

Keeping your pets and children safely out of the area will also help the project stay on track. You can plan to spend the day in another part of the house or in the backyard while the painting is in progress. Keeping bodies, as well as furniture, out of the workspace is best for everyone involved.

Scheduling Your Service

Preparing your home for professional services is a contribution to the efficiency of the project. Residents of Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Southeastern Massachusetts can schedule a consultation with Elco Painting by contacting us here.

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