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Home Interior Painting: What is the Best Time of Year to Repaint Your Home?

“Timing is everything” certainly isn’t an empty phrase. When it comes to the care and renovation of your home, when you make updates can be just as important as what kind of updates you make. 

If you’re looking to make some minor renovations to your home, there may be no better place to start than interior home painting. This simple, cost-effective process can be just the ticket for giving your home a facelift without any messy demolition. 

Interior painting is a simple go-to for revitalizing a home, but when is the best time to start this project? Here is everything you should consider when painting your home’s interior. 

Spring and Summer


The warmer months can often seem like the perfect time to start new house projects. When it comes to your schedule, this is the time when many people are the most free. 

You aren’t spending your mornings and afternoons transporting kids to and from school, rehearsals, and sports practices. Plus, business around the office may have simmered down a bit as well. 

Having more free time and longer days can make the spring and summer months a prudent time to begin a new project and complete it in a timely manner. 

The temperature can also can also be much more conducive to home painting projects than some winter months might be. The ability to keep doors and windows open while receiving your home painting services can help properly ventilate your spaces and keep paint fumes at bay.  


If you’ve got more free time on your hands in the spring and summer, chances are that others do as well. It probably doesn’t come as a shock that the warmer seasons are likely to be the busiest for painting companies. 

During these months, many people are accomplishing their exterior home painting projects as well as readying their interiors for summer parties and gatherings. 

Unfortunately, you may find yourself added to the bottom of a long waiting list if you try to contact a painting services company during this time. 

Additionally, depending on the climate of your region, extremely hot temperatures can also be problematic. Paint applied in a room that is excessively hot during the day will have a hard time drying if the temperature drops significantly at night. 

While it’s certainly not impossible to complete interior painting during the summer, it can prove somewhat difficult. 

Fall and Winter


While fall and winter might not seem like natural choices for home renovation projects, these seasons might actually be the key to completing quality projects in a more timely manner (and even saving money!).

During the fall and winter – depending on your region, of course – fewer people are completing home renovation projects as they settle into rhythms preparing for the school calendar and upcoming holidays. 

Because of this, you may find that your home painting service of choice has much more open availability and can complete your project quickly and efficiently. 

A lull in business may be to your further advantage. Some companies might even offer discounts in their slower months while they aren’t getting many projects. 

If you’re willing to have a few projects completed during or around the holidays, you may be able to save yourself a significant amount of time and money!    


In the same way that excessive heat can be detrimental to the quality of an interior painting project, temperatures that are too low can have a similar effect.  

Most painting professionals agree that anything below 40 degrees Fahrenheit can have a preventative effect on the drying of paint and leave you with sticky walls. 

You may also find that it’s a bit more difficult to ventilate during the colder seasons. While it may be easy to keep doors and windows open during the fall, this can prove much more uncomfortable during the winter and put a serious damper on some of your projects. 

When deciding the right time to paint your home there are certainly a number of considerations to be made. Are you looking for something to fit into your schedule? Do you want to save money? When are the environmental conditions optimal for painting?

Regardless of when you choose to hire interior painting services, it is vital that you hire the right company to complete your next project.  

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