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Home Decor and Remodeling: 6 Reasons to Refinish Your Cabinets

When it’s time to update your interior spaces via interior room painting, your attention might first turn to your walls, ceilings, and flooring. Indeed, these are significant parts of your home interior, and changing up just one of them can make a drastic difference. But don’t forget about the other objects that contribute to the look and feel of your home. Cabinets are prominent features in many rooms, especially kitchens, and updating them can have just as big of an impact as updating your walls, floors, or ceilings.

Many homeowners have a hard time deciding exactly what to do with their cabinets, though. You could replace them, reface them, or refinish them. While all three are viable options, here we’ll explore six major reasons to refinish your cabinets.

  1. Transform Your Interior Spaces

Whether you choose to replace, reface, or refinish your cabinets, doing so will inherently transform the way a room looks and feels. You might think that refinishing would have the least impact among these options, but you’d be surprised at how much a new coat of paint or stain can do to alter the appearance of your cabinetry and interior space. For instance, choosing a lighter color and subtle sheen can make your room appear bigger and brighter than before. That’s the power of residential interior painting.

  1. A Solid Alternative to Cabinet Replacement

Perhaps you like the size, shape, fit, and material of your existing cabinets but still desire a change. Refinishing your cabinets presents an excellent and often cheaper alternative to replacing or refacing your cabinets. If you want to save some time and money and retain the structure of your cabinets, refinishing is the way to go.

  1. Boost Your Home’s Value

Whether you’re looking to sell your home soon or you plan on staying for the foreseeable future, you want to maintain your home’s value and increase it if possible. Something as simple as refinishing your cabinets can yield a solid return on investment. Kitchen and bathroom renovations are especially fruitful investments for homeowners, and cabinetry plays a big role in updating these spaces.

  1. Update Your Hardware While You’re at it

Cabinets should look great, but they need to function properly, too. Cabinets rely on durable, well-fitted, and properly installed hardware to open and shut as they should and hold a reasonable amount of weight. When your home interior painting contractors remove the cabinet doors to take back to their painting facility, they can check the hardware and replace it if necessary. In this way, refinishing your cabinets comes with the added bonus of updating your hardware.

  1. Makes Cleaning Easier

Cleaning is a major part of maintaining your home’s interior spaces. If your cabinets’ paint job is worn down, you’ll find that cleaning them is less effective and required more frequently. Conversely, newly refinished cabinets are smoother and easier to clean, which means less work for you.

  1. Not as Intrusive as You May Think

Some homeowners may dread hiring home painting services, fearing that contractors will be too loud and intrusive as they work. Fortunately, cabinet refinishing is a relatively simple and minimally intrusive job. Yes, interior painters will be in your home to remove doors, clean and coat the cabinet boxes, and reinstall the cabinets at the end. But in terms of cleaning, sanding, and painting cabinet doors, this is often done remotely at a painting facility. So, your contractors won’t be in your hair for too long.

Refinishing your cabinets is an excellent way to transform your interior spaces and increase your home’s value without breaking the bank or dealing with several people in your home at once. It’s just one of the many services offered at ELCO Painting. To learn more about us and to get a free estimate, give us a call at 401-295-2201!