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Home Decor: 5 Timeless Interior Paint Colors

Whether you’re looking to sell your house soon or you just want a low maintenance interior design scheme, timeless is the name of the game. 

Mid-century modern and boho chic are lovely aesthetics, but they are undoubtedly trends that will eventually go out of style. If you’re the type of homeowner who likes to redecorate with every season, these styles may excite you. In this case, by all means, embrace the trends! Innovate! On the other hand, if you haven’t even thought about your throw pillows in the last decade, you may want to aim for something that requires a bit less creativity.  

Regardless of your design proclivities, the first place to start is with interior wall painting. Here are five timeless paint colors to consider when painting your home


This one should be a no-brainer. White has always been (and always will be) the great equalizer of paint colors. White walls are a blank canvas, a welcoming backdrop, and a minimalist’s first choice for uncomplicated design choices. 

White walls can compliment any decor you pair with them, from industrial vintage to modern finishes. By painting your walls white, you guarantee that your walls will stand the test of time and be flexible as your needs for the spaces change. Each room can transition from a nursery, to a teen bedroom, to a home office.  


Yes, off-white is different than white, we promise. 

When you’re aiming for a wall color that will make easy transitions from season to season, beige or off-white is another simple choice. 

While bright whites have a crisp, modern feel, off-white works especially well in older homes. In spaces where you’re trying to pair wall colors with rich, warm woodwork or unique vintage textiles, off-white is your go-to. 

Similar to white walls, beige is a simple neutral that matches everything, but beige walls in particular create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. 


More and more property managers are transitioning to grey as the wall color for modern apartments.

Just like variations of white, grey is a timeless neutral that will pair well with any interior design choices. Every potential tenant will be able to envision themselves creating their own space in one of your units. Plus, you’ll be able to complete little touch-ups between tenants, rather than a full overhaul of the interior wall paint. 

Grey paint also makes a great choice for interior walls because it is much more forgiving than a shade of white might be. 

It is a great deal easier to cover up scuffs and scrapes on a grey wall than a white one, so grey walls can withstand trends, as well as a little wear and tear.  

Blue Hues

You may fear color if you’re aiming for timeless design aesthetic, but you do have some options if you’re bored to tears by the idea of beige or grey. 

If you want to add a splash of color that will stay relevant, stick to soft grey-blue shades. These colors are a little bit more exciting than plain grey, but they aren’t so risky that you have to fear they’ll be out of style soon. Avoid bright turquoise or baby blue shades that are likely to age-out quickly and turn into an eyesore. 

Green Hues

Green can also be an excellent neutral. Obviously, neon green is a color that will only satisfy people with very specific tastes and won’t hold up to the test of time. On the other hand, sage is a calming shade of green that can also serve as a neutral. This soft grey-green will pair well with any furniture or other design elements and can carry you from season to season. 

In the modern world, technology has resulted in culture changes faster than ever before. This is certainly true of design trends as well. If you want to save yourself the time, money, and effort of keeping up with every fleeting trend, contact an interior painting service provider and stick to these timeless shades.  

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