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Hiring a Sandblasting Company Near You: Ask These 5 Questions

Beginning a new business relationship is a lot like beginning a new romantic relationship, you want to ask plenty of questions before you get too involved.

When it comes to hiring services to complete work on your home or office, making the wrong choice can cost you more than you signed up for. Whether it is through delayed production or unexpected costs hiring the wrong sandblasting services will always spell disaster, but there are certainly ways to avoid a crisis.

As a prospective customer, you have every right to vet your service provider to make sure they offer everything you are looking for. Not sure of what to ask? The next time you’re looking into sandblasting companies, ask these five questions:

What to Ask a Sandblasting Company

1. Do you guarantee your work?

If you’re looking for exterior home painting services, media blasting, or any other home improvement services, getting a guarantee for the work completed is crucial.

Without this, you run the risk of spending valuable time and money on a project that doesn’t measure up to what you asked for. Even if the project is completed to your liking, without a guarantee, you may find the work less than satisfactory a week after it is finished. In this case, a guarantee of the work would mean that a technician would come back to fix or redo what was not accomplished the first time.

Make sure that you can get a written guarantee that what you pay for will be accomplished.

2. What is your timeline and availability?

One of the biggest frustrations with hiring a company to complete your interior painting or any other home improvement project is the matter of a timeline.

For any number of reasons, many projects will get delayed and take much longer than you intended.

It is important that you ask your service provider about their current schedule and a slated timeline for the project. If the company currently has a large number of projects they are already completing, there is a good chance your project may be delayed or otherwise compromised due to scheduling.

Especially if you yourself are under a time crunch, ask about your sandblasting company’s schedule.

3. Do you insure your employees?

When working with power tools or on roofs, technicians are always in danger of injury. Especially if the employee is working on your property, you must make sure that you are completely free of any and all liability if an accident happens.

Be sure to ask your sandblasting company if they insure their employees and whether or not any injuries or damage caused on the job will be covered by their company’s policy. Whether it is damage to your property or an injured employee, you don’t want to be left with an additional bill.

4. What are your safety procedures?

On that safe note, it is crucial to fully understand the company’s safety procedures. During the COVID19 crisis, there are new challenges to maintaining health and safety.

Especially if a technician is going to be at or inside your home, you have every right to ask how they will be ensuring the safety of their employees and your family.

5. Are there any customers who would recommend your work?

Websites and advertisements can only offer a limited view of a company’s success rate. The best way to get an idea of how technicians perform and complete their job is through someone who has enlisted their services in the past.

Ask your sandblasting company about a referral list you can contact for a candid report about their business dealings.

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