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Hiring a Corporate Office Painter: Ask These 6 Questions

When hiring a corporate office painter, your first instinct may be to Google “interior painting services” and scroll through to find the cheapest contractor. If you’ve got the time, maybe you’d even go so far as to read through a few reviews of previous clients. 

What many business owners and managers don’t realize is that you have every right to interview your prospective painting company before it completes a job. 

Corporate office painting is often a big undertaking, which involves large investments of time and money. Because of this, you have every right to ask a prospective interior and exterior painting service provider a few hard-hitting questions. 

If you’re hiring a corporate office painter, ask these six questions:

  1. What is your experience in commercial painting jobs? 

Commercial and residential home painting are vastly different operations. 

In a commercial or corporate painting job, the daily wear and tear suffered by office walls may be much harsher. More people are shuffling through an office can cause dents and chips, larger windows may cause more sun damage, and shifting operations within your company may require frequent changes in wall color. 

Because of all of that, it is important that a painting professional has experience in corporate painting jobs so they have the precise expertise to approach the specific needs of your office. 

  1. What is the projected timeline for this job?

In any job, timelines are important. In an office painting job, the daily operations of your company can be significantly inhibited if your offices have to shut down while painting is being completed. 

Any reputable painting services provider should be able to give (and stick to) a clear timeline for their work. Aside from unforeseen difficulties, be sure that your corporate office painter keeps a timely schedule.

  1. What is the projected cost for this job?

Obviously, money matters. In commercial painting jobs, these larger projects can be especially costly. 

You have every right to ask a prospective service provider what they project the cost of a project to be. With this knowledge, you can compare prices with other service providers and determine which painting company is offering the greatest return on your investment.

  1. Do your employees have liability insurance?

If your corporate office has high ceilings or jobs are being completed in warehouse portions of your company, painters can be put at some level of risk. 

Each company should offer insurance of some kind to their employees so that you don’t end up liable for damages during risky jobs. 

  1. Do you guarantee your work? 

If a painter does a poor job, you find yourself with two problems: on one hand, you’ve wasted money for a project that wasn’t delivered, and on the other hand, you’re left with a subpar paint job. 

Any reputable painting company should be able to guarantee their work. If a job is completed as agreed on during a consultation, be sure that they offer refunds or will redo jobs that aren’t to your liking.   

  1. Are there previous clients I can contact for recommendation? 

Ultimately, the best way to determine whether or not a painting company is up to snuff is through their previous clients. Any company that is confident in their work will be more than happy to refer you to previous clients who are willing to share testimonials based on previous experience. 

At ELCO Painting, our client base is filled with happy customers whose expectations we have far exceeded.  

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