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Has Moisture Migration Damaged Your Commercial Paint Job?

Minimizing the potential for water collection within your commercial space should always be a top priority for preventing irreparable damage to your building’s structure and paint job. While controlling the spread of water throughout your building in either its liquid or solid forms is important, moisture migration refers to the passage of water in its gas or vapor state. This is a different but equally critical problem to tackle.

What is Moisture Migration?

Moisture migration can be an elusive issue that is often damaging and difficult to address. Its effects are difficult to pin down and sometimes take a longer period of time to notice.

Moisture migration occurs as water vapor moves from high vapor pressure areas to low vapor pressure ares. Water vapor is driven through the walls of a commercial building, migrating from the hot, humid summer weather outside to the cool, dry interior of your building (for example). Different building materials have varying levels of moisture permeance, which means the ability of vapor to pass through a material varies depending on the make-up of the building material. Choosing the material with the ideal moisture permeance for your commercial building’s environment can be very helpful when looking to prevent damaging moisture migration. Applying water-resistant coatings and sealants that act as air barriers to your commercial building can serve as another line of defense against destructive moisture migration.

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