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A sticking door is incredibly pesky, but there are a few quick fixes that can help ensure the days of banging your shoulder up against your sticky door are gone for good.

Tips On How To Fix a Sticking Door

Here at ELCO Painting, we’ve fixed our share of sticking doors and found two tried and true methods that often fix the problem. Tightening the door’s hinges can be a quick fix that works if sagging hinges are causing the issue. Replacing old screws with new ones is often a good idea when this is the case. If tightening the hinges doesn’t do the trick, removing the door and trimming a very thin layer from its bottom edge can help bring back your door’s effortless swing.

ELCO Painting, Inc. Offers Quality Door Restoration Services To Keep Your Doors Looking Their Best

Sticky old doors often need to be fully restored in order to look their best, which is why ELCO Painting, Inc. offers top-notch door restoration services. You can count on us to safely fasten, trim, strip, stain, or paint your door to ensure it doesn’t stick and is thoroughly protected. We start our door restoration projects by carefully examining your door, then we thoroughly prep the door before fixing any issues, and before applying paint, stain, or a protective seal. Our job isn’t over until your door is looking as good as new.

Trust ELCO Painting To Take Care of That Sticky Door Today

If you’re looking for door restoration services to take care of that old door that keeps sticking, ELCO Painting has you covered. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and our pro painting contractors guarantee amicable and thorough service. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and strongly believe customer service is the key to any successful business. Over 60% of our business comes from repeat customers who trust ELCO Painting to do the job right. We achieve flawless results by using the very best products for every job. Our professionals take every required step to achieve top quality results. Our innovative products and advanced expertise deliver results that consistently exceed our client’s expectations.

When you choose ELCO Painting, you can rest assured that you will get top-notch, professional, careful, and efficient work from start to finish. Our years of experience and expertise ensure that the entire process will be pleasant and stress-free.

The always courteous, always professional painters at ELCO Painting offer nothing but the best when it comes to our professional painting services for your factory, mill or warehouse. We are always punctual, polite and friendly. We respect your space, and keep our work area tidy throughout the duration of our project. Our professional painting contractors have been satisfying customers across Rhode Island and Southern New England for over three decades. Let us show you how! Though we are based in Rhode Island, our services also expand to all of southern Massachusetts. Contact our local painters today by requesting a door restoration or painting services estimate, or giving us a call at 401-295-2201.