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Deck Repair: Rhode Island and Southeastern MA Carpentry

Having a deck attached to your home can be just as beautiful as it is functional. Not only can a deck get you from Point A to Point B on your property, but they can also become a hub for social events in your home, ensuring that your guests aren’t limited to indoor space when you gather together. 

That being said, a deck is no good for hosting if it’s damaged an unsafe. Make sure that you regularly maintain your deck through ELCO Painting’s deck services like deck sanding or deck stripping. If the state of your deck is beyond simple maintenance, ELCO Painting’s deck repair services are precisely what you need. 

What Causes Deck Damage?

In areas of New England like Rhode Island and Southeastern MA, finicky weather can be the main source of damage to your deck. This region of the United States suffers the full gamut of harsh conditions that compromise the quality of your deck. 

While harsh sun can cause wooden decks to fray and splinter, cold weather like rain and snow can lead to excess moisture in your deck. In turn, this causes mold and mildew to build up and weaken the strength of your deck’s construction. 

When caught early, damage like this can indeed be maintained by ELCO Painting’s deck sanding or stripping services. However, when wood has completely rotted through or the structural integrity of your deck is compromised to the point of risking safety, this is a sign that significant repairs are necessary. 

Contact ELCO Painting for full deck repair

ELCO Painting excels in more than just exterior home painting and interior painting services. Our experienced professionals have the precise abilities to evaluate the state of your deck and determine exactly what is necessary to meet your home’s unique needs. 

By hiring one of our pro painting contractors to complete your deck repair, you can rest assured that your project is in the hands of a multi-talented professional with experience in a vast array of carpentry projects. 

Whether it is replacing damaged boards or repairing a damaged foundation, ELCO Painting’s team of experts have just the right skill set to keep your home just as safe as it is beautiful.

If your next project involves deck repair or you’re in need of home painting services, ELCO Painting is your one stop shop for carpentry needs or painting companies in RI. Give us a call today at 401-295-2201 or visit us online for a painting service cost estimate, or for guidance on your next steps toward making your house a home!