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Deck Stripping Services in RI, CT, and MA
Professional Deck Stripping

Stripping home or business decking doesn’t have to be a hassle. ELCO Painting provides professional deck stripping and maintenance services to home and business owners for stronger, more appealing decking. We recommend deck stripping ahead of any deck painting or staining for best and longest-lasting results.

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    Our Promise

    Our Promise

    ELCO Painting Company can fully meet any of your residential or commercial painting needs. When you hire ELCO Painting, you can expect a professional experience from start to finish.

    Deck Maintenance: Deck Stripping

    Deck Stripping Benefits

    Deck stripping can work wonders toward making your old deck look new again, but it is important to be aware of the critical nature of each step in the stripping process. Because preparation is always key, you’ll want to make sure that you thoroughly remove all dirt and debris from your deck before you start. Scrapers, strong blasts of water, and chemical deck strippers are all potential tools for tackling this project. It is important to assess the state of your deck to determine which method is required. The final steps in the deck stripping process are to rinse and neutralize the surface, which can be followed by sanding and new finish preparation.

    Deck Stripping Is Essential to Proper Deck Maintenance

    Stripping and sanding are the most popular ways to remove decking finish. When it comes to deck restoration, properly preparing the wood by stripping thoroughly removes old finish and cleans the wood down to the grain. This can be critical since leaving old deck stain on your deck will keep new stain from fully penetrating the wood, thus negatively impacting the performance of the new deck coating. Deck stains don’t adhere well to each other, so simply covering an old stain with a new coat will cause your new stain to flake and peel very quickly. Deck strippers break up old stains so that they can be easily washed away, leaving decks completely cleansed and allowing new stains, coatings, and sealants to fully penetrate wood for optimal performance. This not only leaves your deck looking its best, but also ensures that your new deck stain will last as long as possible.

    Sanding Before Deck Cleaning
    ELCO Painting deck maintenance staining service
    Sanding Before Deck Painting
    ELCO Painting deck staining cleaning service
    Sanding Before Deck Staining
    Custom Deck Stain Colors

    Why Choose ELCO Painting for Deck Stripping Services?

    At ELCO Painting, we offer a variety of deck maintenance services to make sure your deck maintains its longevity and that you don’t break the bank. Our top-notch experience and expertise enables us to thoroughly assess the state of your deck and determine the best solution for you. We recommend deck stripping before any deck staining or deck painting projects you undertake. The smoother professional painters get your decking surfaces, the more readily paint and stains will stick, and will last for years to come. Don’t wait until deck damage worsens before making improvements. Contact ELCO Painting for your deck stripping estimate today.

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    ELCO Painting Company can fully meet any of your residential or commercial painting needs. When you hire ELCO Painting, you can expect a professional experience from start to finish.
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