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ELCO Painting can help protect your deck from the elements with a thorough cleaning. It is especially important in southern New England harsh climate.

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Deck Maintenance: Cleaning

As summer comes to a close, many of us are scrambling to soak up the warm weather before cooler temps take over. These few weeks are our last chance to spend time playing in the lawn or dining outside in enjoyable weather. 

Before it is covered in fallen leaves or mounds of snow, now is the time to think about taking care of your deck before it is at risk of weather damage. For deck maintenance services, here is everything you need to know about cleaning with ELCO Painting. 

Sandblasting Services

Whether your deck is made of wood or aluminum, deck cleaning services are always beneficial for the long-term quality of your deck’s surface. 

Especially in the case of aluminum decks, untended surfaces are always at risk for corrosion. Since your deck is a structure that stays outside, it is vulnerable to the effects of the environment. Corrosion, such as rust and grime, can easily build up on your deck’s surface and compromise the integrity of the whole structure if these issues are not mitigated quickly.

One of the best ways to prevent this serious damage is through professional cleaning services like sandblasting. Using your garden hose and a scrub brush may result in a deck that looks clean, but elbow grease alone cannot free your deck of damaging rust, grime, and other buildup. 

At ELCO Painting, we mix an abrasive, such as glass or sand with water, and spray it at a high pressure to remove any unwanted buildup and completely smooth your deck’s surface. 

Not only can these cleaning services make your deck look new, they can also prepare your deck for other projects. Before you can paint or refinish a deck, the surface needs to be as smooth as possible to prevent uneven, cracked, or otherwise flawed paint. 

Deck cleaning services are the smart step to take, whether you want a whole new look for your deck, or just a quick clean before the next season. 

Hiring Cleaning Services

As the seasons change, preparation is key to ensure that all of your outdoor investments will last through the next few months. 

Without professional cleaning services, you risk leaving your expensive assets vulnerable to damage that can cost you more than it would to hire services in the first place. Don’t leave the quality of your deck surface up to chance, trust the experts!

Whether your next home renovation project is cabinet refinishing or a home painting service cost estimate, ELCO Painting is the perfect choice for painting companies in RI and Southeastern Massachusetts. Let our experienced carpentry professionals meet your home’s unique needs and help bring your design dreams to life. 

Projects like exterior home painting, deck refurbishing, or interior painting to have to be one more thing added to your colossal to-do list. 

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