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Rubber Roofing: Protecting Your Building from New England Weather

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If you haven’t yet considered rubber roofing to protect your building from New England weather, now is the time to get this solution on your radar. There are a multitude of benefits to adopting this cost-effective roofing system and the professionals at ELCO Painting can ensure your rubber roofing project is an absolute success. When […]

10 Questions Your Commercial Painter Should Answer Before You Hire Them For Your Project

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When selecting a professional painting company for your commercial property, it is important to make sure you properly vet the commercial painters and ask key questions to ensure that you get a quality, professional paint job. How to Get the Best Feel for a Commercial Painter Ask the Right Questions Taking the time to research […]

Residential Painting: Getting the Most Life Out of Your Painted Walls

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A paint job goes a long way to update and refresh a room, but it’s a serious undertaking. When it’s all said and done, you want your paint job to last. Here are a few ways to maximize the lifespan of your painted walls. How to Get the Most Out of Your Painted Walls Thoroughly […]