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Industrial Painting | Surface Prep for a Successful Painting Project

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Poorly prepped painting projects are, across the board, fundamentally flawed and bound to cause problems. Surface preparation is a critical first step for any and every industrial painting job. The pro painting contractors at Elco Painting know that proper surface painting is vital for a quality, long lasting paint and coatings job – and we […]

Liquid Applied Rubber Roofing: What to Expect for Your Roof Project

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When it comes to leaky roofs, Elco Painting has you covered. Rather than spending countless hours and endless funds to replace your entire roof, we can provide you with a flawless liquid rubber roof. With over 30 years of unparalleled customer service in roof repair, our pro painting contractors can substitute re-roofing with a seamless […]

Timeless Exterior Colors for Your Rhode Island Home

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Rhode Island is a beautiful place to live, and it is home to some classically gorgeous houses. Here at ELCO Painting, we are honored to maintain these investments through home painting, carpentry, and other services. If you are interested in our exterior painting service, you may have a hard time choosing an exterior paint color. […]