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Why Sandblasting in the Summer Is Perfect for College Campuses

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School has not looked normal for anyone across the globe in the past year, and colleges are no exception. With COVID19 and the increase in students choosing to complete schooling online, the next academic year will feature an even greater push to get students on campus. As your university prepares for campus tours and an […]

How Sandblasting Can Renew Your Old Brick Exterior

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Whether you choose a brick exterior for its timeless aesthetic appeal, durability, or versatility, it’s always a great option for your residential or commercial building. Brick exteriors are eco-friendly, low maintenance, and stand up much better to fire and weather damage. However, because of the makeup of brick and its inability to change looks without […]

Not Just Kitchen Cabinets: 3 More Rooms to Check when Painting or Refinishing Cabinets

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If you’re like most people, spring and summer call for tackling all of the projects you’ve left on the back burner all winter long. Landscaping projects are nice for all of the backyard gatherings that may be coming up, but it is crucial to keep your home’s interior on the list of projects to complete. […]