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Can Painting Your Office Interior Improve Health and Safety?

Everyone likes to change up their office decor every now and then. While expensive renovations are usually off the table until the next budget meeting, smaller projects like repainting can help liven up an office-space and get your stuff out of the same old rut. 

What you may not have considered is the fact that repainting your office can actually benefit the health and safety of your space as much as it improves its aesthetic feel. Here is everything you need to know about improving health and safety through repainting. 

Eliminating Lead

You’ve seen it in every other infomercial: the dangers of lead paint. As more and more businesses invest in their cities by bringing new life into old buildings, the quality of paint is something to be considered. 

Depending on the age of the building, lead paint is a possible danger that should be handled immediately. 

By hiring professionals for office or home painting services, you can rest assured that any unsafe paint materials will be detected and handled properly to eliminate any possible health risks. 

Fix Chipping, Peeling Walls

Walls that have not been repainted for a while also put you at risk for dust and debris. 

Even your everyday sweep through the office may not be enough to handle small particles of paint that pile up in corners and behind furniture. Piles of dust and debris can significantly reduce the air quality of your office. 

Not only can this pose a threat to any employees or customers with preexisting lung issues, but it can also be a significant trigger for those with sensitivities to dust. 

It is also important to consider VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) in paint. Hiring a professional painting company is the best way to ensure that low VOC paints are used and that your air quality isn’t compromised. 

Save your customers and staff the hassle of dealing with the consequences of chipping and peeling paint. By contacting the experienced professionals at ELCO Painting, you can guarantee that your chipping paint will be handled by technicians who know how to ensure safety and cleanliness in your place of business. 

Deep Cleaning

One simple way that repainting can improve the health and safety of your office is through the rigorous cleaning necessary to begin the painting process itself. 

People rarely think to wash walls, baseboards, or tight corners. Certainly, a professional painting service isn’t going to paint over dust and grime-covered walls in need of some TLC. 

Simply by nature of completing a repainting project, the surfaces of your office that rarely get attention may be cleaner than you’ve seen them in years! 

Emotional Health

It goes without saying that the aesthetic environment of any office can make a direct impact on your employees. 

While products and deadlines are important, your employees are truly the most important resource you have as an employer. It benefits you to pay attention to the little details that can improve the workplace environment. 

When your office is an inviting place to step into, company morale (and consequently productivity) can improve dramatically. Don’t disregard the significance of creating a beautiful space for your employees to operate within. This could mean the difference between a staff that is excited to get to work and one that sees each day as drudgery.  

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