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Cabinet Refinishing: 6 Striking Cabinet Finishes to Beautify Your Home

There are a number of different things you can do to revitalize your home. You can start an exterior painting project, you can rebuild you deck, or you can slap a new coat of paint on your dining room. What you may not have realized is that one of the best ways to spice up a tired space is through sprucing up some of the more “permanent” features. 

If you’re looking to update an outdated kitchen, refinishing your cabinets is a great place to begin. Here are six striking ideas to get you started. 


White cabinets are equal parts aesthetic purity and stylistic versatility. When minimalism is the name of the game, you couldn’t do better than adding a white finish to your cabinets. 

White cabinets have clean lines and help create an uncomplicated look to your kitchen. In a space where clutter abounds, it’s important that you help to bring in as much light and simplicity as possible if you want a minimalist style to your kitchen. 

White cabinets can also be great for the homeowner who likes to change up the design of your home seasonally. With a white base for your cabinetry, you can add brightly colored dishes and hand towels in the spring and quickly switch them out for warm, cozy tones in the fall. 


If white feels a bit too modern and space-age for you (or if you’ve got toddlers who would destroy anything remotely white), varying shades of grey can create an effect similar to white cabinets, but with an added softness. 

Greys offer a similar neutrality to your interior design, so you don’t have to fear that your options for seasonal decorating are limited. Grey cabinets are also a great opportunity to have some fun with hardware. A grey background makes gold or black drawer pulls pop!


While black cabinets might have seemed bizarre five years ago, integrating dark colors into your home is one of the hottest interior design trends that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. 

Black cabinets are about the power of contrast. While darker cabinets are extremely popular with designers, they are not for the meek. 

Refinishing cabinets to be black requires that your kitchen already has quite a bit of natural light. Even better if you have taller ceilings with large cabinets. While chic, there is a good chance that black cabinets might dwarf the space they inhabit, so talk with your interior painting services provider about whether or not black cabinets are right for your space. 

Wood Finishes


It’s no secret that mid-century modern aesthetics are here to stay. One of the best ways to capture this coveted design is through walnut cabinets. 

Walnut cabinets have the warm, retro vibe of mid-century modern that will last through any trend cycle. 

Wood cabinets are always a great neutral to foster a cozy environment, and walnut does just that. Try brass door knobs and drawer pulls for a some added MCM glamor. 


Deep Green

Opulence is the name of the game once more in the world of interior design. More and more home decor retailers are stocked to the brim with jewel toned decor and furniture. Consequently, interior paint options have taken a bolder turn as well. 

If you want to capture all of the best parts of mid-century modern, boho chic, and victorian-inspired, then deep green cabinets are what you’re looking for. 

Contrast these bold cabinets with gold or brass hardware and keep your countertops light. Black and white tile and backsplash are also great pairings with this stylish finish. 

Emerald cabinets are sure to make your kitchen a feature room of your home, not just a function room. 


Similar to deep green cabinets, a navy blue finish is certainly a bold choice for interior design, but it is one with a lot of pay off. 

Navy may even be a more versatile choice among your bold options. While it can easily fit into the “opulent” aesthetic, it can also be paired with neutrals like white, olive, and khaki to take on a more refined, reserved tone. 

Since navy can be nearly as dark as black, depending on the shade, similar rules should be followed: this is not for small kitchens or tight spaces. Be sure to contrast the dark finish with lighter colors throughout your kitchen. 

No matter the finish you choose to revive your cabinets, it is vital that you hire the right company to complete your next project.  

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