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10 Questions Your Commercial Painter Should Answer Before You Hire Them For Your Project

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When selecting a professional painting company for your commercial property, it is important to make sure you properly vet the commercial painters and ask key questions to ensure that you get a quality, professional paint job. Ask the Right Questions Taking the time to research your commercial painting contractor is always critical before you commit […]

Residential Painting: Getting the Most Life Out of Your Painted Walls

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A paint job goes a long way to update and refresh a room, but it’s a serious undertaking. When it’s all said and done, you want your paint job to last. Here are a few ways to maximize the lifespan of your painted walls. Thoroughly Wash Your Walls Cleaning your walls will work wonders when […]

Residential Painting | Color Selection that Sets the Mood: Make Your House a Home

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Color selection in your home can often be a daunting process; the possibilities are endless. You’ll no doubt want to make an educated, enduring choice since the selection will both reflect your personality and induce specific moods and emotions throughout your home. Not to worry, ELCO Painting’s home painting services will help alleviate your stress […]