Sandblasting or Glassblasting: Which is Best for Your Business?

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Example of sandblasting and glassblasting painted floor for business by Elco

Media blasting is the ultimate form of surface preparation in the coatings industry, but choosing which method is right for your business can be tricky. At ELCO Painting, we offer a full line of media blasting and we can help you pick the right form of abrasive blasting for your business. Below we’ve laid out […]

When is Liquid Applied Rubber Roofing the Right Choice?

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Elco painter applying liquid rubber for roof

Liquid applied rubber roofing offers a multitude of benefits that provide an ideal roofing solution for a variety of needs and that come highly recommended for those looking for quality roof protection on a budget. There are countless advantages to choosing a liquid applied rubber roofing solution. Read on to find out if it’s the […]

Epoxy Flooring: Should You Choose a High Gloss Finish for Your Factory Space?

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Epoxy flooring white grey by elco

Epoxy coatings are ideal for the high demands placed on your factory floors. No matter what you are producing, these spaces feature constant movement and require durable flooring of the highest standard. If you are looking for a hard wearing, durable coating that thoroughly protects and enhances your floors, epoxy flooring with a high gloss […]