Liquid Applied Rubber Roofing: Our Top Products for Successful Roofs

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Contractors applying rubber roofing solution

If you haven’t yet considered liquid applied rubber roofing for your roof project, now is the time to get this fantastic solution on your radar. There are a multitude of benefits to adopting a liquid applied rubber roofing system. Here at ELCO Painting we use the top liquid applied rubber roofing products out there to […]

4 Rooms You Can Improve with Home Epoxy Flooring

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Close up of epoxy flooring

If you’re an office manager or supervisor, you’re probably pretty hesitant to jump on new design trends– and rightly so. While embracing “millennial pink” and stockpiling succulents on window sills might be attractive now, as styles change, you may be left with office walls that are an eyesore and lonely plants to tend to.  Even […]

5 Places to Check Your Office Carpentry for Imperfections

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Desk with computer, mug, and a plant

If you’re an office manager or supervisor, there is always plenty on your plate. Between managing employees, meeting quotas, and ensuring that all daily operations go off without a hitch, the last thing on your mind is whether or not there are scratches in the office moulding.  Even so, the aesthetic quality of your office […]