Home Painting Before Moving: 5 Tips to Increase Home Value

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ELCO Painting home exterior painting before sale

Coronavirus has complicated– if not completely halted– most aspects of normal life. Many Americans have found themselves out of work, or the jobs that they do have are drastically altered. Whether it is a COVID-related job relocation or another reason for a move, most real estate professionals conclude that the housing market has not been […]

Property Management: 4 Painting Projects to Plan for Your Apartment Complex

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ELCO Painting apartment painting

In light of the global pandemic, one of the biggest questions at the forefront of conversation is in regards to rental properties. With startling numbers of Americans out of work, many tenants are finding it near impossible to pay rent.  The burden of these issues can leave many property managers frustrated and confused as to […]

5 Benefits of Tank and Equipment Painting

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ELCO Painting tank and equipment painting in a factory

If you are a plant manager or supervisor, there are plenty of tasks for you to handle on any given day. With all of the plates that you have spinning, chances are that the paint job on your machines is the last thing on your mind.  What you may not have realized, however, is that […]