How Mold and Mildew Play a Role in Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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Mold on an exterior wall in Rhode Island

Whether it is in an online listing or the view from the street, curb appeal is the first impression your house makes on a prospective buyer, so your home’s exterior must be in top shape. While it is perfectly natural to see some mold and mildew on your home’s exterior– especially in New England and […]

Exterior Paint Tips to Make a Home Addition Look Like the Original Design

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Addition to a house being painted in Rhode Island

A home addition is an exciting and expensive– process. For those who love their homes but need more space, constructing an addition to your home is the perfect way to keep the same house you know and love without the restrictions of the home’s original size. One thing that deters many people from additions is […]

Most Cost Effective Exterior Improvements for Your Commercial Space

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Newly painted office exterior in Rhode Island

As the warmer months roll in and more people are growing comfortable with leaving quarantine and patronizing businesses, the window of opportunity for completing renovation projects is narrowing. If you own a commercial space, it is important to balance your aesthetic dreams for your building with what you have in the budget. Operating a business […]