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Industrial Painting: How Epoxy Flooring Can Save Your Facility During a Fire

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Every plant owner or manager goes to great lengths to ensure safety for their assets and for their employees. While safety protocols are always a top priority, when you are working with heavy equipment, chemicals, electricity, or any number of the materials used in many plants, there is always some risk of an accident happening. […]

Cabinet Refresh: Painting Trends for 2021

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After the year we’ve all had, a little refresh is order. For many people still working remotely and spending more time at home than ever, staring at the same old walls and surfaces is enough to drive a person crazy. With all of this extra time on our hands, now is the time to tackle […]

New Year, New Look: How to Prioritize Your Home Painting Projects

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In the current economy, people in almost every sector are feeling the pressure of an unstable market attempting to recover from the heavy blow dealt by the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it is from your stimulus check or the hard-earned money you’ve saved for a rainy day, the new year may be the perfect time to […]