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6 of the Most Popular Paint Colors for Businesses

Many of us know firsthand that colors affect our brains. It’s why we have favorite colors in the first place, and why we think carefully about the wall paint colors we choose for our homes. Of course, a business has to manage several people, each with different tastes and triggers. In general, however, some color schemes seem to have similar effects on most people.

While researchers are still figuring out exactly how and why certain colors result in certain behaviors and moods, some businesses may methodically incorporate different colors for different rooms. These decisions may increase productivity, land more sales, and even bolster innovation. Let’s look at 6 of the most popular paint colors for businesses today.

What Color Should I Paint My Office?

  1. Yellow Walls to Welcome Clients and Customers

Companies who open their doors to the public should do everything they can to make customers and clients feel welcome right away. Shades of yellow bring a bright warmth to any room. Of course, highly saturated yellows can yield irritation more than anything. However, buttery hues like blonde, canary, and flaxen are softer on the eye and can evoke feelings of optimism and joy. If you want to start on the right foot with a potential partner or customer, these yellows can make a good first impression.

  1. Blue Walls for Work Spaces

When it’s time to get down to work, blue or blue-gray interior wall paint may be the way to go. Psychologists have reason to believe that these shades help people focus. Increased concentration corresponds with higher productivity. Any business looking to get more out of its staff should consider painting the workplace blue, or at least incorporating blue into the color scheme.

  1. Red Rooms for Making Deals

Companies should exercise caution when using the color red. Red is a powerful color, one that gets the blood flowing. This can be good or bad, depending on the situation. Red walls can be great for businesses who make a lot of deals, as it encourages both parties to put their best offers on the table. Of course, this can also lead to some fiery exchanges. Red can also be used for workplaces the require a lot of physical labor, providing a motivating and energizing backdrop to the hard work being done.

  1. Green Conference Rooms

Many people gravitate toward green. It’s the color of life and nature. We surround ourselves with greenery when we want to escape from the material, technological world. Green rooms offer a sort of mental escape from daily monotony. It seems that green also fosters creativity. This makes the color a great choice for conference rooms where staff members gather to exchange information and ideas.

  1. Orange for Creativity and Brainstorming

Green isn’t the only creative color in the spectrum. Orange has also been shown to increase creativity while also providing a burst of energy. As with any of these colors, businesses should be aware that too much saturation can lead to eye strain and irritation. One should tell commercial painting contractors to use the color sparingly, or to use a more muted tone of orange. In any case, orange is a great color for brainstorming rooms. People may come up with their best ideas here.

  1. Greys, Whites, and Blacks for the Modern Office

Not every room needs to be painted with bright, daring colors. While whites, blacks, and greys may often be associated with boredom and lack of imagination, these shades are office staples for a reason. Neutral shades such as these are the least jarring, and the least likely to cause anyone eye strain or fatigue. While not every inch of the workplace should be black or white, some areas can benefit from lacking color. It allows an office to breathe and creates separation between different areas.

What Color is Right for Your Business?

If your business is in need of commercial painting services, you’ll need to consider which colors will work for your environment. Consider things like the size of your office, number of rooms, type of work being done, etc. These factors will help you figure out which colors may be best.

Of course, you can always ask ELCO Painting contractors what they think. We’re happy to not only help you choose the right colors, but also revitalize your workplace with a fresh coat of paint for every room that needs it. We offer both residential and commercial painting services, as well as drywall repair, carpentry, and so much more. To learn more about us, and to get a free estimate, give us a call at 401-295-2201!


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