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6 Benefits of Varying Paint Colors in Your Office or Workspace

Between the fluorescent lights, stained carpet, and stuffy cubicles, most office spaces get a bad rap. But it doesn’t have to be this way! 

Varying the paint colors in your workspace could be the key to bringing some much needed life back into your office. Here are six benefits of varying the paint colors in your office or workspace. 

  1. Aesthetics

On the most basic level, varying paint colors in your office or workspace just looks nicer. 

When most people envision an office, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely a dull, soul-sucking beige. While there is nothing wrong with the occasional neutral, a one-size-fits-all approach is a thing of the past. 

There is no chance that your office space will stand out if every room in your workspace is the same shade of off-white. If for no other reason, varying the paint color in your office space is worth it so that your work environment isn’t an eyesore. 

  1. Mood Boosters

Studies have shown that white walls can have a negative impact on mood. Conversely, brighter colors can help to positively impact mood. 

The wise employer is always looking for ways to help motivate and encourage staff. One intuitive way to do this is to hire interior paint services to spruce up your interior wall paint. 

This simple change shows your employees that you pay attention to even the smallest details and that you care about how they feel in their workplace environment. 

  1. Differentiating Space

“A place for everything and everything in its place” is no empty phrase. Humans are creatures of habit and we adapt to the environments we inhabit. When spaces have no clear aesthetic difference, it can be easy to let our behaviors in every room blend together as well. Breakroom talk makes its way into the boardroom, cubicle attitudes creep into client meetings, and so on. 

Using variation of color to clearly denote the purpose of each space serves as a subtle pointer toward what behaviors are expected in each environment. These simple cues can help employers instate and enforce behavioral expectations without a memorandum. 

  1. Spatial Purpose

Along similar lines, specific colors can help serve different purposes in each space. Certain colors tend to have specific psychological consequences and can have a great impact on productivity if implemented properly. 

For example, blue can often have a calming effect on the brain. For productivity, switch out your grey interior paint for a soft aqua in spaces where serenity will be the most beneficial. Be careful, however: certain colors like dark reds can have a counterproductive effect in spaces like a conference room where angry or passionate colors may be less appropriate. 

  1. Simpler Upkeep

It’s hard to remember the last time you repainted a room that has been the same shade of eggshell for the past twenty years. Varying the color in your workspace is a great way to mark time and ensure that you’re repainting as often as necessary to keep your interior wall paint looking good. 

  1. Personalization and Branding

Varying the paint colors in your office space is a great way to create visual interest, but it can also help you to put your personal stamp on all aspects of your business. If you walk into your office spaces and they very well could belong to every other business in your neighborhood, this is a problem. 

Let your walls be an extension of your business’ personal brand. When a prospective client walks in, they should know that this space is uniquely yours, not some dime-a-dozen workplace. 

If your workspace is sporting the same shade of beige that it’s had for a few decades, this is probably a sign that you should hire a painter. 

Not only do the seasoned experts at ELCO Painting have the skills to complete your interior painting services in a timely and cost effective manner, they also have a keen eye for design and help you decide just what design is best for your space’s purposes. 

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