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6 Benefits of Line Striping and Bin Marking

If you are a factory owner or plant manager you know that efficiency and productivity are crucial for running your business. Between researching the latest practices, training your employees, and frequently evaluating your progress, you do a lot to keep improving. 

Though you may not have realized it, one of the simplest ways to holistically improve your manufacturing building doesn’t involve any training or expensive programs. All you need is a quick call to ELCO Painting! Here are six benefits of line striping and bin marking.

Why You Should Line Stripe and Bin Mark

  1. Increased Safety

While they sometimes seem like cosmetic choices, line striping and bin marking are some of the simplest additions to increase safety. When properly followed by employees, line striping and bin marking ensure all machines and materials are in the right place and not haphazardly left out in the way of employees and production. No longer will employees have to shuffle around sloppily placed bins or machines that clutter your warehouse floor and put your staff at risk. In many circumstances, materials that are not strategically located can also be a fire hazard, which is especially dangerous. Line striping and bin marking are simple ways to avoid these safety hazards and protect your most valuable resources: your employees. 

  1. Decreased Foot Traffic

Just like the streets of a busy city, if there is no distinct pattern for workers to walk and machine placement, your workspaces will end up an unorganized mess. Inevitably, this lack of organization leads to time wasted while shuffling past other employees and weaving through passageways. Wasted time means a less efficient production level. When spaces are clearly demarcated with striping and marking, each employee knows how to get from point A to point B without excess travel time. Streamlining this process will reduce foot traffic on your production floor and save you time that may be lost otherwise.   

  1. Overall Organization

Line striping and bin marking are great ways to emphasize the importance of organization to your employees. When your staff is used to an organized work climate, they are likely to apply that organization to every other element of their work ethic. When organization and tidiness are standards you set, you are much more likely to see other areas of your business take on the same attitude. 

  1. Lower Risk of Contamination

Depending on the materials you work with in your manufacturing plant, bin marking may be crucial for maintaining safety. Especially if there are hazardous materials involved, contamination could be dangerous or even deadly for your employees as well as your consumers or clients. Clearly marking your bins is paramount to maintain safety. 

  1. Regulation Compliance

Regulations for space between machines or employees, distance from exits, or locations to stairwells can be difficult to keep track of, especially if there is a lot of traffic on your production floor. The last thing an employer wants is to realize that you have fallen out of compliance. Not only does this result in a hefty fine, but it can also put your employees at a significant safety risk. Line striping and bin marking are two easy ways to ensure that you have a permanent measurement for where certain materials and machines should be to help you remain always in compliance. 

  1. Greater Efficiency

Whether it is reducing foot traffic, reducing safety risks, or promoting overall organization, all of these benefits add up to what all managers and supervisors are aiming for: increased efficiency. Something as simple and hiring commercial painting services can completely revolutionize the work environment for your employees. This small investment truly offers the biggest bang for your buck, saving you time and money now and down the road. Not only are you able to be more efficient, but without added costs, you’ll be able to offer your clients competitive prices that will only grow your business. 

Certainly, this is not the type of project to save for a rainy day. Contact ELCO Painting today to learn about line striping and bin marking for your manufacturing plant!

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