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5 Signs Your Equipment and Fixtures Could Have Rust Damage

Rust is every car owner’s nightmare. It’s unsightly, reduces value, and can lead to serious damage that goes far beyond the visual appearance of a vehicle. 

The same goes for industrial equipment and fixtures. Left unmitigated, rust damage on these objects could lead to worse damage and repairs that cost you a lot of time and money down the line. 

It is vital that you are able to catch the early signs of rust before the problem becomes impossible to solve. 

Causes of Rust Damage

In certain circumstances, some rust is inevitable. Salt and moisture– two common elements of the East Coast climate– lead to the oxidation of metals.

This oxidation is what creates rust on your components and results in serious damage. While it may be impossible to completely prevent your assets from rusting to some extent, early detection is crucial for devising a plan to deal with this pesky issue.  

Here are five signs your equipment and fixtures could have rust damage.

Signs of Rust Damage

  1. Paint Damage

If your equipment is painted, this is one of the first places you will want to check for rust damage. When rust gets below the surface of your paint job, you will begin to see bubbling and peeling of the outer layers of paint. 

  1. Water

For components through which water passess, identifying rust damage can be simple. Be sure to test the water quality of your equipment and fixtures. Especially if the water runs cloudy or brown, rust may be present within your assets.

  1. Separating Concrete

Similar to the separation of paint layers, rust can also cause materials as durable as concrete to split into layers. In many circumstances, equipment will consist of steel layered with concrete. When equipment is suffering rust damage, you may find gaps or larger separations in the concrete. Certainly this is a sign that these assets should be evaluated and repaired immediately.  

  1. Leaking Components

Rust in your equipment and fixtures can cause the gradual corrosion of the metal. In many circumstances, this corrosion will loosen bolts and fasteners, creating leaks. If you find components leaking liquid or air, this could be a sign that rust is present, even if you cannot see it. 

  1. Visible Rust

Finally, the easiest way to tell if rust is present is if you notice rust! While it may seem obvious, a simple visual test of your equipment and fixtures could be the difference between quick remediation and total replacement of assets. 

More often than not, testing for rust is a job that cannot be done on your own. 

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