5 Places to Check Your Office Carpentry for Imperfections

If you’re an office manager or supervisor, there is always plenty on your plate. Between managing employees, meeting quotas, and ensuring that all daily operations go off without a hitch, the last thing on your mind is whether or not there are scratches in the office moulding. 

Even so, the aesthetic quality of your office space is often seen as a direct reflection of the professionals working within it. 

As much as we hate to admit it, each one of us judges a book by its cover every now and then. 

For a potential client, walking into an office with chipping wall paint and splintering desk corners may signify an office manager who doesn’t pay close attention to all the details and isn’t terribly concerned with putting their best foot forward.

To avoid this, make sure you or your interior painting contractors check these areas for quality assurance. Here are 5 places to check your office carpentry for imperfections. 

Where to Check for Carpentry Issues


Doors and doorways are by far the most highly trafficked areas in your office space. Not only that, but they are the areas in the office that are most susceptible to damage due to the elements. 

For a number of reasons, your doors and doorways are likely to suffer wear and tear from daily use. Wooden doors may rot and crack from exposure to moisture or degrade because of salt. Even aluminum doors or those made from other materials may show signs of damage after years of faithful service. 

The first sign of damage certainly isn’t grounds for removing and replacing the door, but if the imperfections remain unattended to, they could turn into irreparable flaws that require full replacement. Be sure to have your carpentry professional check your doors for signs of damage. 

Corners and Seams

Corners and seams of desks and cabinetry are another place in your office that suffer their fair share of daily wear and tear. 

Between the occasional cabinet door that gets thrown open a bit too far and slams into a wall to corners that get bumped and jostled one too many times, these small imperfections often end up being the most unsightly. 

Eventually, cracked corners and seams can result in more significant damage in cabinetry that requires replacement of doors or complete refurbishing of your cabinets. 


When is the last time you thought about the trim or moulding in your office space? Chances are, the second it was installed, you forgot all about it. 

It is precisely for that reason that you may want to take a second look at the trim and moulding around your office. 

While you weren’t looking, any number of critters may have holed themselves up in corner spaces and made a home. At the very least, your moulding is quite likely due for some interior painting services to keep your space looking fresh if there are no pressing signs of damage. 


It goes without saying that stairs take a beating on a daily basis. Between shuffling feet, dragging boxes, and occasionally moving furniture, stairs are likely to show a fair amount of damage. 

Wooden stairs are a gorgeous demonstration of craftsmanship and add tremendous value to the design aesthetic of your office space, but woodwork that suffers frequent damage should be closely cared for to ensure a full lifecycle for these assets.   


Chair rails along walls and railings in stairways are an excellent defense against other damage and a necessary aspect to maintain the safety of your office. 

Often, a chair rail along walls can prevent desks or chairs from causing significant damage to your walls. What this does mean, however, is that the rails themselves will suffer significant damage.  

While it is expected that a chair rail will have the occasional chip or dent, eventually even these will need to be replaced or refurbished.  

In a world where photo-ops and Instagrammable moments are veritable currency, it is vital that your office is a space that you are proud to present as a reflection of you and your employees.  

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